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Romantic vacation destinations

Holiday idea for two

Need ideas for a romantic holiday? Follow this guide that offers the best destinations for occasions such as Valentine's Day, a honeymoon, a wedding anniversary or just a romantic getaway.

The first romantic destination is of course Italy, with the city of Venice. Rent an apartment in the city and enjoy two of gondola ride along the canals, restaurants, walks through the narrow streets ... Escape also for a weekend in Rome, a city full of charm for a living unforgettable experience.

France has also its share of romantic cities, starting with Paris. Walks along the Seine, walking in parks ... so many activities to do at two in the city of light.

Other cities are ideal for romantic holidays such as Vienna, Prague ... places full of history!

And finally, there exists more romantic than renting a castle or a cottage to enjoy a dream holiday to two regardless of the destination. Enjoy a romantic holiday in a unique setting.

Cheap vacation rentals

Holidays accessible to all

A dream holiday affordable for all? Thanks to the different rental options offered Housesholidays, it is possible to combine relaxation and economy!

First, it is interesting to book a last minute rental. Enjoy all the major destinations at low cost if you book last minute with an owner. It's easy to recognize this type of offer in the timing of reservation period each property.

Another way to go on vacation at lower costs is to benefit from special offers that Housesholidays.

Going on a trip during the off-season is one of the best ways to save money. Moreover, it is easy to find a rental out of season on Housesholidays using the availability calendar kept by the owner. These periods are shown in green for you to repériez easier.

Finally, go on holiday together is a good way to reduce costs without reducing comfort. Find on our site all offers of villas that can accommodate many people.

In addition to these reductions, rent an apartment can be cheaper than booking hotel and enjoy complete freedom.

Vacation rentals in the mountains

Vacation ideas in the mountains

Vacation ideas in the mountains for all types of travelers

Enjoy clean air, small villages, varied landscapes or still winter sports resort, ... Everyone finds his happiness by renting a vacation in the mountains.

You particularly like the Alps? A wide choice of countries is available to you for an unforgettable holiday in the famous mountain range: northern Italy, southeastern France, Austria, Switzerland but also Monaco, Germany and Slovenia. The highest peak is the famous Mont Blanc with its 4810 meters.

You are tempted by the Pyrenees? In this case your destinations are France and Spain and more specifically the departments of Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrenees and Aquitaine in France. But also the regions of Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre and the Basque Country in Spain.

Or activities that you would never break the mountain as it is for young and old: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, canyoning ... summer and winter, the mountain is a destination with enormous potential.

Gourmet holiday destinations

Combine vacation and culinary delights

Gastronomy, culinary specialties, traditional dishes, ... are on the menu of gourmet holiday. Choose a destination and discover what it based its specialties throughout this guide. From the kitchen of every day to the most renowned restaurants, treat your taste buds!

Begin your culinary journey in France, particularly with specialist wine region of Bordeaux, which is the largest producer of quality wines in the world, with the Burgundy region of Beaujolais and Chablis, and even the region of Provence, specialized in the pink and fruity flavor. But also enjoy the champagne, Champagne-Ardenne region whose reputation is well established.

Cheese side France is not left with the example of Camembert in the Orne region of Lower Normandy, the goat cheese Valencay in Indre region, Emmental which Britain is the main manufacturer ... So many other specialties are to be discovered!

Continue the trip to Belgium where the Belgian specialty beers are among the best in the world. Local flavors or sweet flavors abound in the country: between Brussels waffles with chocolate end that made the reputation of Bruges.

In addition to traditional pasta, Italy offers plenty of flavor to a gourmet stay. The cheeses are best known parmigiano, reggiano and the Granna Padano. And for dessert, do not miss the famous tiramisu that is consumed throughout the country, and also all kinds of Italian coffee, cappuccino, Italian espresso, latte ...

Spain also offers its visitors an exceptional kitchen. Traditional dishes are of course paella, gazpacho, tortilla, cocido where churros dessert side. They are consumed throughout the country.

Discover new tastes, whatever your destination.

Cultural vacation destinations

Holiday discovery of the oldest cities

You are passionate about history and art, or you simply want to discover all the historical places? Enjoy your vacation to browse the most beautiful cities in the impressive cultural heritage.

Go to Greece and its monuments from antiquity, the Parthenon at the Acropolis, from museums to archaeological sites, all buildings convey the history and soul of the country.

For successful cultural holiday, Rome, Italy is also a major destination in Europe. The city abounds in architectural treasures like the Coliseum, the Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, the Capitol and many more.

European capitals such as Paris, Lisbon offers many possibilities to visit museums, historic buildings, churches and cathedrals of all styles and all eras.

If you are looking for the most beautiful places, remember to visit the sites and buildings listed as a UNESCO world heritage, not less than 930 properties are listed in the world: the pyramids of Giza in Egypt at Mont-Saint-Michel in France through the Tower of Belem in Portugal.

Places the rich heritage abound for cultural holidays successful.

Vacation rentals in the countryside

Holidays in the countryside through rural tourism

Calm, rest, fresh air and simplicity are synonymous with holidays in the countryside. Choose from rural and rent a cottage for a memorable vacation away from the bustle of cities.

Go back to basics with traditional activities such as walks in the countryside by donkey or horse riding, hiking, water activities, picking, fishing, local cooking classes, tasting local products, and also the discovery of farm activities and animals. Go explore the riches of the region where you stay.

You can find destinations in the country throughout Europe: the Vosges and the Moselle in France, Valladolid and the province of Huesca in Spain, Tuscany in Italy ... You have a choice!

Holiday in the countryside offer a lifestyle very different from that encountered in the cities. Enjoy all forms of wealth in this environment, the nature of local products but also the friendliness of the locals.

The nature lovers will love rural tourism, for family stays, two ...

Vacation rentals at Sea

Destination of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and elsewhere

Mediterranean Sea, English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean ... why not spend your holiday close to most beaches and rent a villa or an apartment overlooking the sea?

The seaside holiday offer countless advantages like tranquility, relaxation, swimming and "lazy" to the delight of the greatest as the smallest.

Find a location near a beach resort with splendid views over the sea for a dream vacation. Enjoy the Riviera in areas of Nice, St. Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, Marseille, on the Costa Brava in the regions of Barcelona and the Costa Del Sol in Málaga, Benalmádena or in the Alicante region Javea on the edge of the Mediterranean.

Go also to discover the coolest beaches of the Channel in northern France. In the departments of Calais, Seine Maritime, Calvados and Manche has beaches for holidays in exceptional Opal Coast and Picardy coast. Do not miss also explore the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean coast in Silver (Landes, Gironde) and Basque coast (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

Other destinations filled with sunshine and beautiful beaches are available in countries like Italy, Portugal, Greece and many more!

Golden sand and turquoise sea, find rentals with or without swimming in the sea for an unforgettable vacation. Whichever country you choose, enjoy the beaches, the sun and all the water activities available at the seaside


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